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February 2010 issue of Past Horizons now online

February 20, 2010

Maggie, Felicity and David would like to welcome you back to our free online magazine of archaeology from around the world. 

This is a packed edition and we hope that you will enjoy it.

view it here:

or here if the first link does not work for you:

In this issue:

Chum Balam-Nal – Belize

The Maya Research Program has been carrying out research at Blue Creek in Belize for many years now.  Their main focus of study centres on why an advanced society such as the Maya collapsed so dramatically. Their plans for the 2010 field season include the excavation of an elite area known as Chum Balam-Nal.

 Painted Landscapes – California

The surreal pictographs of the Californian Chumash have been recognised as among the most elaborate and exquisite examples of rock-art found anywhere in the United States. A team of archaeologists led by David Robinson is carrying out a detailed examination of the art using the latest technologies.

 A Refuge in the Desert? – Western Sahara

Nick Brooks and Joanne Clarke have been examining how prehistoric populations responded and adapted to severe climatic and environmental changes, specifically the desertification of the Saharan region between about 6000 and 4500 years ago.

 Lords of the Sea – Norway

The Lofotr Museum is a replica of the largest chieftain’s long-house ever found in Scandinavia. The excavation of the long-house revealed much about life in late Iron-Age Northern Norway and showed that the inhabitants had travelled widely in order to trade.

 Medicine Man – United Kingdom

Re-enactor Kevin Goodman describes the fascinating world of medical history and how research helps him bring authenticity to his performance.


The long-term approach.


News stories from around the world.

 Dig In

Volunteer digs and field schools for 2010.

Dig Cook

Culinary escapades from Annie Evans.

 Focus On

Archaeotek digs in Romania for 2010.


David Connolly discusses illustration and photography in archaeology.

 Back Pages

Pseudo archaeology – videos to amuse

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