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Archaeology Summer Training at Birkbeck – London

October 27, 2009

Syon Archaeological Training Excavation
Syon, the only Bridgettine Abbey founded in medieval England, was built on Royal lands bordering the Thames in the early fifteenth century. Well endowed, at the time of the Dissolution it was ranked as the tenth wealthiest religious house and the richest nunnery in England. These excavations aim to discover more about the lost church and monastic complex and to investigate the succeeding series of formal gardens, part of the landscape of Syon House, the sixteenth-century aristocratic residence established here in the wake of the Dissolution.

Dates: Week long sessions between 7 JUne and 9 July 2010
Cost: £200/£230 per session

Archaeological Recording of Standing Buildings Week
This module introduces you to an approach to understanding historic buildings and areas, and examines the concepts, skills and methods designed to undertake the process of investigation, survey and interpretation. You will carry out a characterisation study and the intensive analysis and recording of a single historic building.

Dates: 14 – 18 June 2010
Cost: £200/£230

Environmental Archaeology Week
This module provides an introduction to the development of environmental archaeology, retrieval techniques and geo-archaeology, and to the study of plants, as well as animal and human bones. The course combines on-site ‘classroom’ meetings with practical sessions, including sampling, sieving and fieldwork.

Dates: 21 – 25 June 2010
Cost: £200/£230

Syon Archaeological Geophysics Week
This five-day practical course, held at Syon House, introduces a range of archaeological geophysical techniques (for example electrical resistance surveying and magnetic surveying). We will collect and process data to provide information about the location and nature of buried archaeological features, to familiarise you with geophysical techniques and the associated instruments and equipment. You will practise these techniques and gain an awareness of their strengths and limitations. You will carry out surveying to locate buried remains of the medieval Syon Abbey and the succeeding historic formal gardens of Syon House.

Dates: 28June – 2 July 2010
Cost: £200/£230

These modules are open to all those with an interest in archaeology or who want to gain experience in the techniques of archaeological excavation. No previous experience is necessary. You are welcome to attend for more than one week, but each week will stand alone. Tuition on site will be led by Harvey Sheldon and supplemented by a team of specialists.


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