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Discovering ancestors: Catalhoyuk and its wider context

August 11, 2009

As part of the line up for this year’s British Science Festival at the University of Surrey, the Anthropology and Archaeology section is pleased to announce this year’s Presidential Session:

Discovering ancestors: Catalhoyuk and its wider context

Wednesday September 9, 11 am – 4 pm
This session provides a rare opportunity to hear the latest findings from Catalhoyuk directly from the team of experts involved in excavation and analysis of the remains from the site. Join us to learn how the most recent finds are helping us to reach new interpretations of human life during this significant period of human history.

The session will feature a range of talks by members of the Catalhoyuk team:

Professor Ian Hodder “Science and communities at Catalhoyuk”

Dr Amy Bogaard “Landscape and ecology at Catalhoyuk”

Dr Mike Charles “Plants and soils at Catalhoyuk”

Dr Jessica Pearson “Isotopes, diet and the use of the landscape by humans and animals”

Professor Richard Evershed “On the first use of milk and the new work being done on lipids at Catalhoyuk”

Professor Simon Hillson “Human remains – how did the people at Catalhoyuk live their lives?”

Professor Lynn Meskell “On figurines and art at Catalhoyuk – history of research and new theories”

Professor Peter Pels “Interdisciplinary research at the trowel’s edge: on history houses and the work of the Templeton project”

Dr Shahina Farid “Putting it all together – understanding one particular house”

For more info and booking details go to:

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