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Archaeology Camps – Kazakhstan

April 21, 2009

During the summer and autumn of 2009, the Laboratory of Geoarchaeology (Institute of Geological Sciences, Academy of Science-Kazakhstan) in cooperation with the State Research Institute on the Cultural Heritage of the Nomads (Sri-Nomads, Ministry of Culture, Kazakhstan) is organizing archaeological investigations covering all periods from Palaeolithic to Modern times all over Kazakhstan. The programme of work consist mainly in mapping, land and aerial photography, collection of paleodata for analyses. Open-air lectures in the history, archaeology and geoarchaeology of Central Asia and visits of local sites will be included. Sessions will take place between June and October 2009 and are between 15 days and one month in duration. Volunteers and students of archaeology are welcome to join us. Academic credit is given by the Institute of Geology and Sri-Nomads. Interested volunteers and students of archaeology should contact the ISP to ask for full details on the various survey and excavation opportunities on offer.
There will 6 expeditions occuring from June 01, 2009 – October 31, 2009

1) East Almaty region (Besshatyr kurgans), 1- 20 June

2) Northwestern Kazakhstan, Mangyshlak-Ustyurt regions, 20 June – 10 July

3) East and Central Kazakhstan, 10 – 31 July

4) Balkhash, 1- 30 August

5) Chu-Ili mountains, 1 – 30 September

6) Talas valley, 1 – 30 October

Cost: $350 (Euro 300) per week



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