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Digging Dad’s Army

March 5, 2009

Dear colleagues,

Digging Dad’s Army:  The east and south east London peoples war project.

Digging Dad’s Army is a new, research led, community based project which is
designed to investigate and publish, the material survivals and cultural
experience of the conflicts of the 20th Century as they impacted on the
communities of south east and east London. 

The project has been set up under the umbrella of the “Great War Archaeology
Group,” after discussions involving Nick Saunders of the University of Bristol,
Neil Faulkner visiting lecturer at Bristol and features editor of Current
Archaeology, Martin Kender of the Great War Archaeology Group and myself. 
However, we would like to bring the project to a wider audience for comment
and discussion before we settle on the final project aims and design. 

As well as primary archaeological and historical research, the project also aims
to look at ways of sharing the knowledge generated and the skills required to
acquire it, with the contemporary communities of the study area through work
with primary and secondary schools, the higher and continuing education
sector and and via a range of public events.  The archaeological programme
starts with fieldwork in the Shooters Hill area this June with the support of the
London Borough of Greenwich Parks Department.
This is Public Archaeology and Archive work coupled with a strong commitment
to education and outreach and we want to involve a wide range of skills,
expertise and enthusiasms in the planning and delivery of it.  Hence this
invitation is not just to Archaeologists and Historians, professional and
vocational, but is also to Teachers, Living History Practitioners, and in fact
anyone with an interest in this subject and the geographical area covered by
the project.  We see Digging Dad’s Army very much as the chance to forge
new and creative partnerships as we create a truly multi disciplinary project.
We wanted to both let you know about the project and invite you to, a launch
seminar for the Digging Dad’s Army Project on Saturday March 7th at
Shrewsbury House, Bushmore Avenue, Shooters Hill, Woolwich, from 11am to

If you cannot come but would like to make any comments, either personally,
or on behalf of an organisation you represent with an interest in this
geographical or subject area, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or
comment via the discussion thread.

You will find details about the event and more information about “Digging Dad’s
Army,” on the website of the Great War Archaeology Group.

We look forward to your comments and hopefully to meeting you on saturday
or as the project grows.


Andy Brockman

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