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Archaeology Camp – Tunisia

February 19, 2009

AFS Tunisia is pleased to announce the organisation of its 19th international voluntary work camp scheduled for the period July 12th to August 2nd 2009. AFS Tunisia will intervene on a prestigious archaeological site in the” Cap bon Area “(North East of Tunisia), the tip of the Peninsula facing Sicily (100 Km away from the capital city, Tunis).

History and geography made the peninsula a bridge between Africa and Europe. Indeed, during the Punic era, its old harbour served as a liaison between the two continents and it was open to many products coming from Italy and Punic Sicily.

 Phoenicians explored its fertile lands and established a tribal regime and specific life style and language.

For further information about this Peninsula, please visit the following website:

The precise part of the site on which the group will intervene and the type of work to be undertaken will be agreed upon with the Tunisian researcher, chief of project. The head of the project is a scholar from the National Institute of Heritage under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture. It will include both excavations and restoration work. Further details on the work will be communicated latter to participants.

AFS Tunisia is in charge of the whole organisation and logistics of the stay. We assist the head of the project for the activity   on the site to be smooth, but the scientific aspect is run by the scholar

Along with the morning work sessions on the site, the work camp program will include a number of cultural and outdoor activities which will be an enriching component of the project: site-seeing tours in the area, excursions to other parts of Tunisia particularly to the desert, conferences and presentations, cultural shows, swimming… 

Participation fee is set at 500$ including accommodations (room & board) for duration of the camp (either in a youth hostel or in university dorms or a similar facility), transportation cost in Tunisia, cost for all activities in the program (excursions and cultural shows…) and civil responsibility insurance. Participants will be responsible for their international travel, personal insurance, medical expenses and accommodation expenses prior and after the camp.

The main age group targeted is from 18 to 30. Deadline for sending applications is by the end of April 2009, the final screening of candidates will be conducted then, but earlier applications are highly preferred.


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