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Hillforts of Strathdon, Aberdeenshire – Invitation for Student Placements

February 13, 2009

Hillforts are the iconic and classic image of the British Iron Age and yet as a class of monuments they are poorly understood, mainly due to a lack of dating evidence. The Hillforts of Strathdon is specifically designed to undertake keyhole excavation across a series of hillforts in order to collect dating evidence. The work will be undertaken over three seasons and there will be opportunities for student supervisors.

The second year of fieldwork will aim to conduct a programme of test-pitting, metal detecting and trail trenching across Hill of Barra (NMRS NMRS NJ82 NW 4) and the Hill of Newleslie (NMRS NJ52NE 31). It is also proposed to return to Maiden Castle (NJ62SE 2, NJ 6942 2435). The aim of these works will be to recover carbonised material to allow dating of the features and to locate internal features that will allow the characterisation of their function.

The fieldwork will take place between 18th and 31st of July. Total project duration 2 weeks.

Training in the field will be given in the following areas: evaluation, excavation, sampling and surveying techniques, the prehistory of Aberdeenshire with a focus on Neolithic, Roman and Early Historic Periods, including a series of site tours. Training in the office will be given on sieving, sorting, report writing, artifact processing and recording and aspects of commercial archaeological practice in Scotland.

Placements are limited but are open to students with any level of experience. £300 per student will be charged, this will cover, travel from Edinburgh, food and self catering accommodation.

Anyone interested should seek further information including a detailed project description from Murray Cook, MIFA, 01368865726,

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