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Drystane dyke building at Culloden

January 16, 2009

As the site of the last hand-to-hand battle fought on British soil, Culloden still stirs strong emotions 250 years later. The graves of the clans are marked with simple stones on this windswept field, while at the eastern edge a huge boulder marks the spot where the Duke of Cumberland directed government forces. Leanach Cottage, with its traditional heather-thatched roof, occupies the likely site of farm buildings here at the time of the battle.

Type of work you could do
During this camp you will get to grips with drystane dyking techniques under the guidance of an experienced dyker. The drystane dyke running along the edge of the battlefield is disappearing and needs to be repaired and rebuilt. The plan is to repair as much of the dyke as possible and rebuild sections which are beyond repair, using new and recycled stone. Some drainage and pathwork should be available for those who need a break from dyking.

Accommodation summary
You will be staying at the Slochd Mhor Lodge, an independent hostel near Carrbridge. The old stagecoach road from Perth to Inverness runs through the grounds. The hostel is warm and comfortable, with central heating, showers, drying room, laundry facilities, a spacious dining room and a lounge with a wood-burning stove.

This a National Trust for Scotland Thistle Camp
Cost:  £125
Dates: 29 August – 5 September 2009

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