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Excavations at the “Lote B” Site (Cerro Manchay) Lower Lurin Valley, Peru

October 19, 2008

The archaeological project:  “Excavations at the “Lote B” Site (Cerro Manchay) Lower Lurin Valley, Peru”, is offering the opportunity to participate in the project’s  field season, that will run from February  to May 2009. 


The project is directed by Giancarlo Marcone (Peruvian, Ph.d. Candidate, University of Pittsburgh) and forms a part of his doctoral research. The site to be excavated is located in the Lurin valley just a few kilometers from the city of Lima, Peru.    Previous experience is not necessary. 


We ask that each participant contribute 800 dollars a month and the project will provide you with food (three meals), housing and transportation to and from the site. These contributions should pay for your living expenses; allow me to pay expenses of some Peruvian students. And help with some of the daily cost of have a project.


The site belongs to the transition between the Early Intermediate and Middle Horizon periods of Andean chronology(circa 600 – 700). The site is a communal level settlement and we are going to investigate inter-household differentiation. The site has 4 sectors, 2 have domestic architecture and the other 2 consist of rectangular buildings and plazas. The project seeks to excavate some households and define the functions of the public architecture


The minimun time is one month.


Interested individuals or for more information contact Giancarlo Marcone at

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