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Geophysical Survey Techniques

October 15, 2008

5 Day Practical Course


Course dates: Monday 3rd to Friday 7th November 2008

Course Organiser: Harvey Sheldon
Course Tutor: Martin Roseveare, ArchaeoPhysica Ltd

This practical course will be held in Eaglesfield Park and will introduce a range of archaeological geophysical techniques (e.g. electrical resistance surveying, magnetic surveying and ground probing radar). Students will collect and process data with the aim of providing information about the location and nature of buried archaeological features.

The aim of this five day course is to provide familiarisation with a range of geophysical techniques and the associated instruments and equipment. Students will have the opportunity to practice these techniques and gain an awareness of the strengths and limitations.

The site has recently been the subject of a ‘Time Team’ archaeological investigation, and an Iron Age ditch was discovered here.  There may also be the opportunity to locate World War II defence features.

Monday 3rd – Friday 7th November 2008, 10am – 5pm.   
Course fee: £200

For more information, please contact: 
Brett O’Shaughnessy, Executive Officer for Archaeology, on 020 7631 6627, or
Diane Calliste, Programme Manager for Archaeology, on 020 7631 6631.

The course is organised by

The Archaeology Department
Birkbeck Faculty of Lifelong Learning
26 Russell Square
WC1B 5DQ. 

How to enrol:

• By phone: please call Birkbeck Faculty of Lifelong Learning central
enrolment on 020 7631 6651 quoting course code: FFAR037H4ACB

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