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Archaeology & Ancient Languages Courses – Liverpool

September 2, 2008

Archaeology and Ancient Languages
In the year that Liverpool is European Capital of Culture our programme offers a panorama of topics and activities that reflect the wide range of skills and interests shared by our lecturers and students. For those with little or no prior experience of CE, or of this subject area, it is worth bearing in mind that very few modules require any previous experience (which will be clearly indicated in the notes).

We continue to offer some of the topics that have proved popular in recent years, both practical modules and those exploring abstract ideas and cultural behaviour. As well as the traditional ten week courses running both during the daytime and evening, there are several shorter courses which allow students a ‘taste’ of our programme. We continue to offer students the opportunity to pursue their interest in Egyptian archaeology and history on the Wirral as well as in Liverpool city centre.

If you’d like to try your hand at archaeological excavation, there is an opportunity to learn the basics on a short excavation at Dutton’s Farm at Lathom. There will be the opportunity to handle and work with Egyptian artefacts in the Garstang Museum of Archaeology in Abercromby Square. In the spring there will be a chance to learn about the theory and practice of aerial archaeology. 
Among the many new modules appearing in 2008-9, there are opportunities to learn about the tombs of ancient Egypt and the various aspects of Egyptian art. There will be a chance to reconsider what went wrong (as well as right) in the great battles of the remote past; to understand what the great stone circles of the north-west are really about; to learn about the civilisations of the prehistoric Near East and the Aegean; to learn about medicine in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds; and to explore the nature of Scotland in the Roman period.        

Every year we offer a range of courses in ancient languages. This year we are giving students the opportunity to begin learning Latin and Egyptian hieroglyphs, as well as continuing with modules for more advanced students in Egyptian hieroglyphs, Latin and Greek. If you have some experience of ancient Greek, there will be a chance to read extracts from the first book of Aristotle’s Metaphysics. All in all, a splendid opportunity to become familiar with the realities of the ancient world in the context of up to date research and thinking.


The Certificate HE (Archaeological Studies) is offered by the School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology through the Continuing Education programme. Students will be expected to complete a programme of study which includes a number of mandatory modules drawn from a selection. Further credits can be acquired through studying a range of optional modules, covering Archaeology, Ancient History, Egyptology, Near Eastern Archaeology and Practical Archaeology. Modules currently offered are indicated by the symbol AS. You are not required to register for the Cert. HE until the start of the academic year in which you will achieve 120 credits
The Diploma (Archaeological Studies) is offered to students who have gained a Certificate HE (Archaeological Studies) and have pursued a further course of instruction and completed a dissertation.

For a list of other courses click here

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