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Archaeological Excavation in Southeast Utah

September 2, 2008

Elderhostel is a unique organisation based in the United States catering for people over that age of 55.  It provides people with many opportunities at low cost to travel all over the world.

Archaeological Excavation in Southeast Utah

Make personal discoveries about the indigenous inhabitants of southeast Utah on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure exploring the archaeology of Montezuma Canyon. Amid the vistas and meditative isolation of Utah’s canyon country, learn how these early peoples lived their daily lives as you practice tried-and-true excavation techniques and hike to archaeological and rock-art sites seldom seen by tourists. Experts in the field of archaeology teach you mapping, photography, site-survey, digging, and artifact-identification skills they use everyday, so you can apply them to the excavation of a kiva — or circular religious structure — and its associated room blocks. Confront the many questions whose answers can only be revealed by excavation.

Dates:  13 – 19 October 2008

Prices starting at 925 US dollars

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