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Applied Heritage Management Field School – Australia

July 19, 2008

Interested to learn methods of archaeological survey, excavation, and mapping within the spectacular landscapes (and beaches!) of southern Western Australia? This is a unique programme combining intensive training in archaeology, historical geography, cultural awareness/exchange, wilderness education and on-ground restoration/conservation projects.

Southern Western Australia contains one of the most remarkable archaeological landscapes in the world. The region is also one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, and students experience this diversity first-hand while visiting a number of archaeological sites, including:

– Lake Jasper (largest freshwater lake in Western Australia, submerged archaeological complex)

– Black Point (rugged, volcanic coastline with large archaeological site dating from the Early to Late Holocene)

– Devil’s Lair (limestone cave in tall forest dating occupied from at least 47,000 years before present)

– Cheetup Cave (Cave within Cape le Grande National Park dating from 13,000 year before present)

– Mount Ridley (Massive granite dome and major rock art place in the mallee country north of Esperance)

– Colonial History (study the human geograpghy of the European settlement of Western Australia at a numner of historic buildings).

Students will receive instruction in:

– Archaeological survey and excavation

– Archaeological mapping (compass/tape, GPS, total stations)

– Stone tool identification and analysis

– Heritage management & site recording forms

– Culture and lifeways of the Traditional Owners (inlcuding protocols and history)

– Workshops in wilderness education and the ecology of southern Western Australia

– Workshops in landscape archaeology

– Conservation and management of cultural places (on-the-ground instruction)

The programme caters for both individual research and specific courses for high schools, university students or professionals. Delivered in collaboration with Traditional Owners and heritage specialists, the field school also provides a platform for a real cultural exchange, and experiences to stay with you forever.

Applied Archaeology Australia designs and coordinates 15- and 30-day intensive programmes that are delivered in collaboration with:

– Local Custodians and Elders

– Gabbie Kylie Foundation (National Trust of Western Australia providing insurance and administration)

– Leave No Trace (International accreditation in environmental ethics and wilderness education)

– Kin Kin Retreat (Base camp and training ground along the Warren River)

– Kepa Kurl Eco-Discovery Tours (Award-winning tour operators providing guided experiences and logistics)

– Wardan Aboriginal Cultural Centre (Unique educational and cultural awareness centre)

– 15 or 30 day programmes are run in January, April, July/August and October each year –

For more information contact David Guilfoyle:

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