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Kabyle Archaeological Survey – Bulgaria

July 16, 2008

Located in the bend of the Tundzha (Tonzos) River, the ancient city of Kabyle controls a major corridor between the Thracian plain and the Black Sea. Established by Philip II as a Macedonian outpost, Kabyle later served as a Thracian royal residence until it was conquered by the Romans in the first century B.C. Kabyle remained important throughout antiquity as an economic and political center and as a site of cultural interaction between Thracians, Macedonians, Greeks, and Romans. This project seeks to contextualize Kabyle within its natural environment and archaeological landscape.

We are looking to assemble a small but committed group of students and volunteers to continue a regional archaeological survey begun in June 2007. Participants will undertake an intensive systematic surface survey of the region surrounding the ancient city of Kabyle. The work will comprise the documentation and processing of finds. No previous experience is necessary.

This project is genuinely interdisciplinary, involving specialists in palinology and environmental studies, geophysics, remote sensing and GIS, database design and management. Students staying longer than the minimum period as well as advanced students will have the opportunity of working with these specialists. Additional support in a number of different specializations is being sought.
Opportunities for excavation may be available through related Sofia University projects in the region.

Excursions to the Black Sea, nearby cities or Kazanluk, Stara, and Nova Zagora, and archaeological sites in the Thracian valley will be arranged on weekends.

The knowledge of the project is English, but the knowledge of Bulgarian, Russian, or German is very useful.

Surface survey will be ongoing during the autumn and spring ploughing seasons, as a result dates will be flexible. Dates scheduled at this time include October 1- November 15, 2008 and March 1 through April 30, 2009

No experience is required, but volunteers with prior experience will be considered for staff positions that include fee remissions

Room and Board are provided at the archaeological base adjoining the ancient city of Kabyle (an archaeological preserve now), which provides shared rooms, kitchen, bathrooms with hot and cold running water, common rooms and workspaces.
Team-members will communally prepare their breakfast and lunch, dinner will be provided at a warm and welcoming local establishment in the modern village of Kabyle.
Cost: $300 per week

Contact:  Adela Sobotkova 

Affiliation:  University of Michigan, University of New South Wales, Sofia University of Kliment Ochridsky, and Yambol History Museum

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