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Bonekickers Review – Warriors

July 15, 2008

I was going to do a review of the second episode but when I read my notes back I though this might sum it up.

Virginia 1781

Bristol Channel 227 years later

Dog finds bone on beach


Bloody Hull – need to get drunk

Not going to Hull

Going to Bristol

One and a half hours to excavate bones before tide comes in

No hands

Finds manacles – slaves?

Finds ships bell with writing

Ships name Somerset

Is that an Ashanti chant?

Let’s talk bones

Professor from Accra University wants to take bones back to Africa

If you don’t know your past, how can you know your future?

Scream, tribal people appear at car window – someone spiked drink

Lets get ready there are people to inspire

Dolly Parton nicks book from library

Discovers stitching is nylon

A cover-up

Students told to get their bras off by Dolly Parton in order to use magnetometer

(I think, why not use fully clothed metal detectorist?)

Box found containing severed hands

Bras back on

Spiked drink again

Man from Accra has throat slit

Maroons – Great Dismal Swamp

Breast shot

Big car pulls up, man with gun gets out

Senator Joy gives cynical history professor back hope and love of his nation

List of dead archaeologists – people who get too close get destroyed

Archaeologists go to Devon

Find Virginia creeper, ergo ship must have been here

Sword shape (not quite sure what this means yet)

Rooky archaeologist starts tapping trowel on ground, finds ships door

We should get a team down

Bugger that, they go in

By jove it’s a cave complete with bones, rock paintings and clay pipes

Senator Joy appears

Finds George Washingtons pocket watch

Obam betrayed

Guns fired

Archaeologist stands in front of Senator Joy

Gets shot

Fires blanks

Let him live

Black man in white house

Ken Livingston

This country needs healing

This University needs funding

Its your destiny Simon



Autographed breasts

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  1. Colin permalink
    July 16, 2008 6:35 pm

    Could anyone tell me what the Ashanti chant music in bonekickers episode two is as i would like to obtain a copy of this track.

  2. pasthorizons permalink*
    July 17, 2008 8:44 am

    Mark Horton the archaeological advisor for Bonekickers replies to his critics.

    Hi folks,

    For tomorrows discussion around the watercooler……

    I am beginning to sense that some of you out there are beginning to get it (and there are scores of cultural references, that we put in just for your benefit – they will be lost on the mass of the great British public who are watching, so please be appreciative…… ).

    There are lots of complex layers to the story line, which will only become apparent as the series develops; one of which is a strongly
    post modern take on archaeology and narrative. While you have been jumping up and down objecting to ‘factual inaccuracies’ most of these
    were well considered and deliberate. At no point have we changed history (like for example was done in the Tudors, when Wolsey committed suicide) we have just added to it here and there, in order to make a dramatic point. Its what Shakespeare did as well after all. And he used history to make a contemporary point in all his plays.

    I still stand my claim that we are 100% – but this means that the archaeology is realistic – and the hostile reaction from many arm- chair archaeologists is because they dont actually go near to a dig, and just get their archaeology from the sanitised TV. Of course, if you had a Viv yanking out the wood as she did, would it actually survive the time team edit process? Of course not as the producers of these programmes what to show archaeology is a good light. Sometimes we dont realise the significance of something until long afterwards.
    This is a drama, warts and all. .

    The magnetomer scene which has caused no little amusement – I did warn you about the bleeps. We were originally going to do the bra’s
    off scene in the mud, but the weather proved to aweful, so it was done inside at the last moment. We wanted to use a mag because of the gag, but there are really boring to film as they make just the odd bleep. Metal detectors are reserved for later on I warn you (and I promise, not particularly sympathetically, Paul Barford will be pleased…….).

    I have spotted a few mistakes that were too late to change in the edit – but I am jolly not going to tell you; you need to spot them yourself, or we will get a million posts (this is crap, waste of
    license fee, PC, BBC bias etc.) on the myrad of BK blogs that have sprung up!

    Ep 3 is completely and wonderfully mad, and is bound to upset everyone as its the Romans, and I have yet to find a romanist with a sense of humour…..

    Hey ho!


    (Bloody hell! He seems to have offended just about everyone now, romanists, feminists, armchair archaeologists, metal detectorists. This is more amusing than the show itself).

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