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Winchester Leper Hospital (Hampshire, UK)

July 7, 2008

The project will also seek to identify, both the nature of the buildings and their layout, as well as any evidence for social segregation and private or communal dwelling. Here, excavations will also hope to reveal the function of the chapel and whether, as at Dunwich and Norwich, for example, it also functioned as an infirmary. A small trial trench will be used to evaluate the cemetery area and ascertain the nature of the human remains and state of preservation. Excavation will be carried in August and September 2008 under the direction of Dr Simon Roffey and Dr Phil Marter. This will be the initial season of a planned five-year project. Post-excavation analysis of the materials will run in tandem with the excavation and continue throughout the year. It is planned that the main excavation trench will focus on the chapel and domestic buildings. Three smaller trenches will investigate the area of the precinct, the site of a possible gatehouse and the cemetery.

Although undertaken primarily for research purposes, the excavations will also be the Department’s undergraduate and MA training project. There will also be an opportunity for those who are not our students to participate either for just a day or two between 1-5 September as a taster of what field archaeology is all about. Alternatively students/volunteers can take part for a longer period of time in the interval 24 August and 20 September 2008. In particular we would welcome applications from:

students taking A-level archaeology, history or classical civilisations
students who are just about to begin studying archaeology at university (be that at Winchester or elsewhere)
students presently at university who have to undertake fieldwork
residents of Hampshire who want to experience an archaeological excavation

Webpage for more details:

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