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Archaeological Images wanted for Teaching Resource

June 3, 2008

Please help!

My role at the CBA is to promote and support the use of archaeology and the past within education. Having surveyed teachers, one of the resounding responses is that there is a general lack of usable material
that’s free for educational use.

The Archaeology Image Bank (
was set up by the Higher Education Academy to help with this by providing a place where people could donate images in the knowledge that they would only be used for educational purposes and not for commercial gain.

But there is a problem….. not enough people know about it and not enough people are donating images to it.

The CBA will be advertising this free and immensely beneficial service to teachers and encouraging them to try it out. We would like to ask you to have a look through your images and any that you have that relate to
archaeology, we ask that you consider donating them to the Image Bank.
Images can be so powerful in capturing the imaginations of children and can spark an interest in our subject that can last their entire lives – at 5 years old the images  that sparked my interest in archaeology where
the Sutton Hoo helmet and the gold face mask from Mycenae (and the idea that you could “gaze upon the face of Agamemnon” even if I know now that it’s not really Agamemnon!). Images are also invaluable when trying to impart understanding of a concept, site, period or artefact.
The images will have to be your own property (i.e. you took the photo or your company paid an employee to do so etc).

We want anything related to archaeology – Archaeological sites, built heritage, monuments, artefacts, ecofacts, equipment being used, experimental archaeology, re-enactment, etc.

To donate images just go the website of the Archaeology Image Bank and click on “Donating images” you then register (takes only a few moments) and start sending in your images. I will be adding images myself in the next week as I am currently scanning my way through 27 years worth of prints (I know why I love digital now!).

In addition teachers say that having some plans, sections or geophysics plots etc would be of use – especially to those tutors teaching the A level archaeology course. If you have any of these you would be willing to share with teachers the CBA will have a gallery for those images (as we still need to clarify that such images are suitable for the Archaeology Image Bank) which again will be based on a free for educational, non-comercial use and you can contact me directly with information about these.

The image bank is not set up for animated images or video so if you have any of those please get in touch with me and I’ll organise a way for the CBA to host those on the same basis.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Many thanks for your help,

Andy Holland.

Mr. A.D. Holland B.Sc. M.Sc. AIFA.

Education Project Officer (11 – 18),

Council for British Archaeology,


Tel: 01904 671417


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