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Peter Neaverson Student Travel Bursary

May 30, 2008

The AIA is anxious to ensure that young people are able to experience the interest and excitement of visiting sites of industrial archaeological interest as Peter was able to do. Council has therefore decided to use part of Peter’s generous legacy to AIA to fund an annual student travel bursary of up to £2,000.

To be awarded to a student working on a topic of relevance to industrial archaeology within an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
The award is designed to assist students to travel, not necessarily abroad, during the Easter or Summer Vacations immediately following the receipt of the award.
Applications, which must include an indication of the specific purpose for which the award is sought, should be submitted to the AIA Liaison Officer by 1 December each year.
Applications will be judged by a selection panel consisting of the Editor of IA News, the Affiliated Societies Liaison officer, the Conference Secretary and the Field Trip Officer plus other Council members nominated by Council for their particular expertise e.g. with students.
Should the judges consider that no nominations in a particular year meet the required criteria, no award will be made.
Successful applicants will be required to send in an illustrated report to IA News or Industrial Archaeology Review in the year following their travels.
Peter Neaverson Award for outstanding scholarship in industrial archaeology

The award will be given to the author(s) of the work which, in the opinion of the judges, has, in the year in question, made the greatest contribution to the scholarship, knowledge and/or understanding of industrial archaeology.
Any work published in English anywhere in the world is eligible for consideration, whether it is a paper, article, book or published thesis, normally within two years of publication to allow, for example, reviews to be published.
Nominations for works to be considered for the award can be made by any member (individual or affiliated society) of the AIA and must reach the AIA Liaison Officer by 1 December in each year in order for an award to be presented at the AIA’s annual conference. They should take the form of a letter giving the name of the author, the work to be considered and a summary statement of the reasons for the nomination.
Three judges for the award will be appointed by AIA Council; one of these will be the Editor of IA Review. A simple majority is required for their decisions.
Should the judges consider that no nominations in a particular year meet the required criteria, no award will be made.
The prize will be a cash award, together with a framed certificate in the recipient’s name
The winner(s) will be invited to the AIA’s Annual Conference to receive the award at the annual dinner. A summary of the winning publication should be published in IA News or Industrial Archaeology Review as appropriate, and a list maintained of all winners on the AIA website.

Correspondence regarding these awards should be addressed to the AIA Liaison Officer, School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH


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