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Dig a Roman site in Kent

May 14, 2008

Are you are interested in taking part in an excavation of a Roman settelement in Otford, Seavenoaks, Kent, UK.

Its the follow up excavation to the one in April which had over 40 people taking part

The site is on grassland in the small rural village of Otford in Kent. The site has produced large amounts Roman finds over the last 100 years. We have just carried out excavations on the cementry which has 400 graves from the early 1st Century to the early 4th.,+Sevenoaks,+United+Kingdom&ie=UTF8&ll=51.313447,0.176468&spn=0.005888,0.020041&t=h&z=16

For this excavation we are going to try to find:

1. The Roman structures within the wooded area
2. Investigate a suspeced medivial house plat form
3. Geo Physis on the main field of frog farm
4. The rubbish pits for the settlement

We welcome people of all experience, and training will be given to beginners. Camping on the site is free. Tents will be provided along with cooking facalities. The local Pub is only 5 mins walk away from the site so we will plenty of chances to trade stories over a good drink!

The excavation will take part from Sat 9th Aug to Sat 16th Aug 2008.

The site is in walking distance from the Train Station, 2 km from the motorway and very close to the 3 major airports that serve london. We can arrange pick up from the airport or tain station if required

There is no cost to dig apart from membership of the local Arch group which cost £15. We will how ever be looking for a donation of £10 to cover Tea/Coffie and Jucie which will be provied free on the site. In addtion this donation will cover the cost of a digger on site so people will not have to excavate the trenches by hand. This will also fill in the trenches after the dig.

If people already are members of an Arch society then membership is not required. People can do one day or as many days as they want.

We will have diggers from, Israel, Ireland, Germany and the UK. We hope you will join us for what promises to be a great dig

If interested email my attached address and I will send you the full Dig Brief, Health and Safety Statement and the Application form


Site Update

We ran a week long dig in April which uncovered structures which we have dated to the Late Roman Early Saxon Period. Large quanties of Metal work, Roman coins and Roman Pottery.

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