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Please Help Crete

April 7, 2008

Dear Friends,
We fell in love with Crete – its people and its landscape – 30+ years ago. In that time we have seen many changes, some for the better some for the worse.

As tourism becomes the mainstay of the Cretan economy, developments are inevitable. Many are ugly, a shame but not a catastrophe. Others may be beautiful but environmental and cultural disasters. The current proposal for the Cavo Sidero golf resort falls in the latter category.

We know this area well because for the last two years we have been conducting environmental and archaeological research there. It is a museum of ancient field systems and settlements unique in Crete. It is also home to endemic flora and fauna. The proposed golf resort is ludicrous given the semi-desert climate and environment and a travesty given the antiquities it will destroy and endemics it will threaten.

We have recently organized an online petition to protest the construction of this golf resort. If you are in agreement, please sign it and pass it on.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information on why we are convinced this development is sadly misdirected.

The court case is now set for May 9th. Time is short.

Thank you for your consideration,
Jennifer Moody and Oliver Rackham
authors of The making of the Cretan landscape, 1996 / I Dimiourghia
tou Kritikou Topiou, 2004

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  1. October 17, 2008 9:10 pm

    I am an American studying archaeology in Britain and have worked at Palaikastro’s Minoan Site for two consecutive survey years. As such I am a newer devotee to the unique beauty and culture of Crete; the Cavo Sidero Golf Course not only represents the erosion of that cultural heritage that makes Crete so remarkable but is in fact a large step towards its destruction.

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