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Volunteer on Wolverton Project – near Dover

March 20, 2008

Lying on a downland spur at Chilton Farm, Alkham Valley, near Dover, Kent the site consists of early Bronze Saxon GraveAge barrows dating between 1800-1500 BC. and an Anglo-Saxon cemetery 6th-7th century AD.

There are also other yet unknown features still to be investigated both on the ridge and within the wood above the site.  Our work this year represents the second and concluding season. The project will involve excavations, wood surveying, geophysics and field walking.

 Volunteer information

It is recommended you bring a packed lunch and wet weather clothing. All volunteers with or without experience will be most welcomed to join our team.

In order to assist our weekly planning and where possible, I would appreciate confirmation of attendance within around five days to the dates you can make. If you have a change of personal plans and decided you can make the site (without notice) please just turn up.

Please also make it known if you wish to learn other aspects on site such as drawing and records etc.  If possible, please bring your own trowel and spade as we have a limited number of spares. All other tools will be provided.

2008 Dates:

April 1&2 11&12 23&24
May   2&3 12&13
June  11&20
July  1&2 11&12 30&31
Aug   9&10 20&21

Start and finish times are usually 10am (at the farm) till 4pm unless otherwise stated by email.

Please note: further dates may be added. Site updates will be sent to each member by email. If the weather is very poor on the day (rain set-in) we will probably cancel the day although, you are welcome to ring me for confirmation after 9.30am

Looking forward to working with you this year.


(01304) 219550

We do not charge any fees although; any donations (cheques payable to the Guston Historical Research Group) towards radio carbon dating and other costs would be appreciated.


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