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Noviodunum Archaeological Project – Romania

March 19, 2008

ExcavationThe project will be working on the Roman to late Byzantine naval base, fortress and town of Noviodunum, Romania. The site lies on the Danube in eastern Romania, not far from the Danube Delta.

Four small scale pilot seasons took place undertaking a variety of survey work on the site (topographic, pick-up and geophysical surveys).

 Excavation started in 2005 and the team has grown to 50 people. This year will continue the excavations and field-survey. Work will include environmental and finds work, excavation and survey.

Everyone will be introduced to the site and the project and will be shown all aspects of the work. The Siteexcavations will be supervised by professional field archaeologists. The project uses the well-known Museum of London recording system. Everyone will be expected to complete their own record sheets, draw, excavate and so on. All necessary training will be given.

We will be looking to take a mix of people including those with limited experience, more experienced archaeologists and of any age 18 and above. A willingness to get on with the rest of the team, an ability to entertain oneself in a relatively remote location, and a sensitivity to the local population and culture are all essential.

We are especially looking for people interested in learning specific skills, in particular: a find assistant, pottery assistants, environmental assistants and a site photographer (please mention this in the application).

We will be starting work at 6 am to avoid the heat of the afternoon. Finds processing will be undertaken in the afternoon by all. Romania at this time of year can be very hot. We will provide transport to and from site.

We also provide transport to and from Bucharest (Otopeni) airport at the start and end of the project, and on the change-over days.

Minimum length of stay for volunteers
6 weeks preferred, minimum 3 weeks excavation, 2 weeks field survey

Minimum age: 18

Room and Board arrangements
Shared rooms and communal shower in the local school. Bedding provided, bring your own towels. The accommodation is basic. All food is provided apart from on days off (three days in each three week slot) and consists of breakfast on site, lunch at the archaeological base (both buffet-style), and hot meal back at the school in the evening.

Cost: $800 for three weeks, $1,200 for six



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