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Trench Supervisor needed for Macedonia excavation

March 12, 2008

Systematic excavations have been carried out at the site of Golemo Gradiste, Konjuh, Republic of Macedonia, since 2000. From 2000-2004, we worked on the Justinianic fortified acropolis of this Late Antique city site.

In 2005 we began to work in the lower town, on the terrace between the foot of the acropolis and the Kriva River, and we plan to continue there in 2008. Investigations on the terrace have revealed several phases of construction, residential buildings as well as parts of others of as yet unknown function, and an apparently irregular arrangement of streets and blocks.

In 2008 we hope to confirm or disprove some of our hypotheses about the layout of the city, in particular that it is an urban settlement created during the Late Antique period and not a rebuilding of an earlier Roman town.

For 2008, one or two trench supervisors are needed, who are able to direct the activities of non-English speaking workmen while keeping detailed field notes, which are later transferred to computer files. Lessons in beginning Slavic Macedonian will be offered. Graduate students with an interest in Balkan archaeology and/or Late Antiquity might find this project a valuable opportunity.

Exact dates of the season and other details are dependent on funding and other factors.

Dates:  8 June – 27 July 2008

Minimum age

Experience required
BA or BS and at least two seasons of field experience

Room and Board arrangements
We expect to live again in a house half a kilometer from the site. The conditions are primitive: electricity, water pumped from a well, drinking water brought in, an outhouse, outdoor shower. Two large rooms in the house serve as dormitories for men and women. The project employs a local cook, who fixes breakfast and lunch. The American staff members often spend weekends (Saturday afternoon to Monday morning) traveling or in an apartment in Skopje.

Anyone who is interested should contact Professor Snively of Gettysburg College for additional information.


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