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Ecole d’Avignon training courses – France

February 27, 2008

 logoCentre of training for the rehabilitation of architectural heritage

Today, the rehabilitation of old buildings is a subject which comes into play across entire town and village centres. This concept of the traditional built environment is referred to as architectural heritage. This is precisely the area of intervention of the Ecole d’Avignon which specializes in the conservation and the rehabilitation of this heritage: architecture, materials, trades, techniques, resources. Students

The preservation of the architectural resources of old urban and village centers calls for a new and different approach. In many of these areas, there is little “exceptional” architecture, but simply the history of the city, imprinted on its ordinary buildings.

This is not a scholarly architecture, but an architecture that is the product of skilled artisans, showing all the variety of which a mason is capable. Here, the builder, free from any rigid schooling, observed, digested, recreated in his own way the beauty of the local architectural tradition.

The Ecole d’Avignon does not work on these structures for their beauty, but for the truths they tell.

It is often their substance, their materials, their techniques and know-how, that together create an image of a stylistic period. The rehabilitation of these architectural ensembles is already a dynamic activity but is not yet a discipline.

Training Courses
The Ecole d’Avignon by its advanced technical or thematic training courses takes part in the definition of thisTraining new discipline, through its two formulas: courses of on-site training, and thematic courses at the Ecole d’Avignon.

The Ecole d’Avignon offers short training courses in all types of decorative painting and plastering techniques, heritage doors and windows, ironworking and the rehabilitation of historic buildings.

Calendar of courses:

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