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Volunteering with the Cockburn Association – Edinburgh

February 23, 2008

The Cockburn Association is a voluntary organisation and we seek to involve volunteers in every aspect of our work. Around 50 people regularly volunteer for the Cockburn in a wide range of roles, including but not restricted to, serving on our committees and assisting with events and publications.

Why volunteer with the Cockburn Association?

Apart from wanting to work with others to protect and enhance the City of Edinburgh for future generations, people are inspired and motivated to help us for different reasons:

Students: work experience or a course placement

Between jobs: some time to spare before starting a new job

Retirement: making good use of years of expertise

Special interest: you may be interested in architecture, conservation, transport or urban design or perhaps the condition of the Capital’s pavements and green spaces!
We are currently looking for volunteers to assist with the following tasks:

Production of our annual magazine: The Cockburn Magazine is published once a year with a review of our activities and developments in the built and natural environment in Edinburgh. It is distributed to members and politicians and to cafés, galleries and other public buildings in the Capital. We are looking for volunteers to work on the design, copy and production of the next issue.  

Edinburgh Doors Open Day: Doors Open Day in Edinburgh is one of the most popular free days out in the Capital. It takes months of planning – from fundraising to uncovering the Capital’s hidden architectural gems – to organise Doors Open Day. We are looking for a volunteer to assist our Coordinator on an ad hoc basis in 2008.

Review of archives/library: The Cockburn Association is the oldest charity of its kind in the World. Our archives contain a wealth of information on the development of Edinburgh and we are seeking a volunteer to assist with the categorisation of our papers, publications and other records. Not for the faint hearted!

If you have time to donate to the Cockburn please do be in touch.

Contact the director Moira Tasker for a chat:


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