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Wiggold Project – Cotswolds

February 5, 2008


WiggoldThe Wiggold Project is an archaeological study of the human occupation and use of the limestone uplands in the heart of the Cotswolds of central southern England from the end of the last Ice Age to the present day.

Wiggold is now a small hamlet at the centre of a large farm whose origins can be traced back to the lands of Cirencester Abbey, an Augustinian foundation established by Henry I in A.D. 1117.

The name Wiggold is even older and translates as ‘Wicga’s Wold’: an area of lofty open ground owned by Wicga some time before the Norman Conquest.

Archaeologically, the landscape all around Wiggold is exceptionally rich in sites and monuments that provide an opportunity to explore the way that people shaped and structured their world at particular moments in the past, and how these events have built up to form the land we experience today.Wiggold

In 2008, excavations and surveys will focus on the investigation of the Later Neolithic boundary first revealed in 2007, a possible burial pit, and a later prehistoric enclosure.

Take Part

The Wiggold Field School will take place over a four-week period as follows:
Week 1: 16th June – 22nd June 2008
Week 2: 23rd June – 29th June 2008
Week 3: 30th June – 6th July 2008
Week 4: 7th July – 13th July 2008

For all participants, work on site will take place daily from 09.00hrs through to c.17.30hrs, except for Saturdays which will normally be taken as a day off.

The 12th of July 2008 will be the Wiggold Open Day, which forms part of National Archaeology week and will be celebrated on site with a programme of public events and presentations.

WiggoldThere are two options available:
Option 1: Volunteer and placement participants, to include registration, tuition, refreshments at morning and afternoon tea-breaks, and a certificate of attendance, £175 per week (Minimum 1 week).

Option 2: Accredited four-week Field School programme (CAT 20pts; ECTS 10pts; US 5pts) assessed through on-site work and a programme notebook including also registration, tuition, refreshments at morning and afternoon tea-breaks, assessment and certificate of award, £950 (for four weeks).

Please note that neither of the above includes accommodation or meals.

Minimum length of stay for volunteers:  1 week

Minimum age: 18

Website:  Click this link

For more archaeological digging opportunities go to:

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