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8th Palaeopathology Short Course

January 31, 2008


The 8th Palaeopathology Short Course will take place from Sunday 10 August (arrival) through Friday, 22 August 2008 at the Biological Anthropology Research Centre, Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford. Registration will take place on the morning of Monday, 11 August.

Course Synopsis
The course will cover topics in the study of health and demographic characteristics of past human populations, including age estimation and sex determination, estimates of body proportion and stature from human remains, specific and non-specific infectious disease, degenerative joint disease, metabolic disease, congenital abnormality, dental disease, activity-related skeletal change, and the use of histological techniques in the differential diagnosis of ancient disease.

The course will also include a number of special lectures on ancient DNA, the analysis of ancient and modern human hair, and isotopic analyses that complement and extend the macro and microscopic analysis of palaeopathological conditions.

Dr. Frank Rühli will also contribute on the use of radiography and Ct-scanning to aid differential diagnosis of palaeopathological lesions.

Course lecturers/tutors:2005 class
Dr. Knüsel (Bradford)
Mrs. Anthea Boylston (Bradford)
Dr. Megan Brickley (Birmingham)
Professor Andrew Chamberlain (Sheffield)
Dr. Mary Lewis (Reading)
Dr. Simon Mays (English Heritage)
Dr. Janet Montgomery (Bradford)
Dr Alan Ogden (Bradford)
Professor Charlotte Roberts (Durham)
Dr. Frank Rühli (University of Zurich)
Professor Michael Schultz (Göttingen)
Dr. Holger Schutkowski (Bradford)
Dr. Mike Taylor (University College London)
Dr. Darlene Weston (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig)
Dr. Andrew Wilson (Bradford)
For further information and application forms, please contact:
Dr. Christopher Knüsel
Biological Anthropology Research Centre (BARC)
Archaeological Sciences
University of Bradford
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1274 233545
Fax: +44 (0)21274 235190


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