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Artezian Archaeological Expedition – Crimea, Ukraine

January 30, 2008

Excavation site 

For 20 years the expedition has been excavating the ruins of the Bospor Kingdom town of Artezian dating as far back as the early centuries of the Christian Era.

 The first settlements at the site appeared as early as the Bronze Age.

The later Greek outpost town with a population of several thousand during its heyday became a spot on the edge of the Greek and barbarian worlds.

Since 1988, excavations have unearthed an entire section of the citadel ruins, moats, walls, towers, dwellings, wells,volunteers ceramic furnaces, and small finds such as coins, pottery, inscriptions, lamps, vessels, cloth, weapons, jewelry, glass, and metal objects.

The town’s necropolis covering some 3,000 square meters of land has so far revealed several hundred graves.

Artezian’s unique location gives one a rare opportunity to look into the effects of the collision of the two civilizations. It also offers you the chance to explore a part of the world you might otherwise never see.


Minimum length of stay for volunteers
2 weeks

Minimum age:  14

No experience required

Room and Board arrangements
During excavations, the expedition’s camp is located in the Crimean steppe adjacent to groves of hazelnut trees next to volunteerthe Artezian well of pure mineral water which is pumped from the depth of 70 meters. All volunteers are expected to bring along tents and sleeping bags to accommodate themselves out in the field.

The fee you pay covers four meals daily including light lunch on site. A Professional cook is hired for the duration of excavations.

Cost: $18-25 per day

Dates: 20 May – 10 September 2008

Email for more details:

Excavation run by:  Moscow State Pedagogical University along with the Crimean Branch of the Institute of Archaeology of the National Science Academy, Ukraine

For more archaeological digging opportunities go to:

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