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Pottery of the Western Mediterranean – Siena, Italy

January 27, 2008

logoThe Medieval Pottery Research Group is delighted to announce that our 2008 conference will be held at the University of  Siena, Italy

production, influences, distribution and use
A.D. 900 – 1600

7 – 9 July 2008

The aim is to consider the development of pottery-making, means of distribution, patterns of trade and types of consumer, through archaeological and documentary evidence.

This will be an opportunity to compare and contrast pottery traditions of the European Mediterranean states and also, it is hoped, those of North Africa.

Many of those products were distributed beyond the Mediterranean, to the east and into northern Europe, and the mechanisms of that trade, and the significance of those pottery types, will also be examined.

These themes reach beyond local and national boundaries, and should appeal to anyone interested in what pottery can tell us about economics, politics, culture and meaning.

We are inviting speakers from all over Europe, and western North Africa to address those themes and participate in a wide-ranging and fully representative discussion.

PRE-PROGRAMME OFFER now available (rtf file)

At present we are asking for papers of about 30 minutes duration. Please send a title and short abstract or description to:

Duncan H. Brown (
Southampton Museums, Tower House, Town Quay Road, Southampton, SO14 2NY, England


Marta Caroscio (


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