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Castanheiro do Vento – Northeastern Portugal

January 26, 2008

 sub circular structure

The site of Castanheiro do Vento (Northeastern Portugal) has a complex stone architecture and was built from the Chalcolithic to the Bronze Age. This kind of architecture is, in particular, characteristic for the Iberian Peninsula and Southern France, and has been the object of investigations by several archaeological schools over a number of years.

By 1990, one group of Portuguese archaeologists from the University of Porto and the CulturGoing to siteal Association (ACDR) of Freixo de Numão introduced different field methods and the manner in which data coming from the digs was interpreted.

The complex stone architecture dating from the third to second millennium BCE, however, is far from conclusive in its interpretation.

This group of archaeologists has entered into an ongoing dialogue with many other researchers around the world.


Since 1998, the excavations at Castanheiro do Vento has taken place in a very friendly and open-minded working climate.

This work will continue this summer from 6 July to 2 August 2008.

The ACDR is looking for volunteers (at least 18 years old) and they accept any people with real motivation and an interest in archaeology regardless of their level of experience or specialization.

Cost:  from Euro 200 per week and comprises accomodation, three daily hot meals, insurance and transport from the railway station of Freixo to and from the accommodation house on the arrival and departure days.

For further information and the application form, contact:

Ana Margarida Aparicio do Vale


For more archaeological digging opportunities go to:

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