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Bektashi Tekke – Southern Albania

January 22, 2008

GirokasterThe site of Melan has the remains of numerous periods, though the primary focus of the excavation will be on the Ottoman and Classical remains.

In the 2007 season, a Roman mosaic floor was uncovered, in addition to a Byzantine-period building and several burials. In the 2008 season, we will be continuing to excavate the mosaic floor, burials, and the Byzantine building, as well as opening other areas to further explore the Islamic heritage of the site, including investigating the reuse of sacred space over time.
The site chosen for the excavation is the area immediately around a Bektashi tekke in southern Albania, near the city of Gjirokaster, overlooking the breathtaking Drinos Valley. This area has remains of many early cultures, including Illyrian, Roman, and Byzantine.

This valley was also controlled by the Ottoman Empire from the 15th until the late 19th century, bringing many changes, including the introduction of Islam.

Participants will be responsible for excavation and recording. All participants will be staying and eating at this Girokasteroperational Bektashi tekke.

This excavation will be groundbreaking in its international cooperation and examination of the effects of numerous cultural periods upon modern Albania, as well as be involved in bolstering the efforts to support the growing interest in cultural heritage and cultural heritage management.

Organised by the Albanian National Trust


Some experience required

Minimum stay – 2 weeks

Minimum Age – 18

Room and Board arrangements
The team will be staying at the Bektashi tekke. This is not a hotel, but a functioning monastery. There is a cook on staff who will be preparing the meals.
Cost: $25 per day for food/accommodation plus travel expenses

Email: Katie Johnson

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