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The Michael Ventris Award

January 21, 2008

Michael VentrisThe Michael Ventris Memorial Fund was founded in 1957 in appreciation of his contribution to the fields of Mycenaean civilization and architecture.

The Trustees of the Fund offer an annual award of up to £2,000 to a junior scholar for research into Mycenaean studies or kindred subjects: (1) Linear B and other Bronze Age scripts of the Aegean and Cyprus, and their historical and cultural connections and (2) all other aspects of the Bronze Age of the Aegean and Cyprus.

The Award is open to applicants from all countries who have completed their doctorate within the past eight years. Applications are also accepted from postgraduate students who are about to complete their doctorate, although the Award is not intended to fund doctoral research per se.

 Applications must be typewritten and should not exceed 6 single-sided pages (A4). They should reach the Secretary, Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House North Block Room 312, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU not later than 22 February 2008.

Applicants should give particulars of their age, qualifications, academic record, and should outline the work they intend to pursue in the event of the Award being made to them, including projected costs. They should also give the names and addresses of two referees, and, at the same time, ask the referees to write independently in support of their application.

For further information please contact

The Award will be made by an Advisory Committee appointed by the Institute of Classical Studies. Payment will be in one single sum in April each year. The Committee reserves the right to make no Award in any given year or to invite a scholar to hold the Award in a particular year.

If sufficient money is available, the Committee may from time to time make small grants from the Fund. The successful Michael Ventris candidate will be required to submit a written report to the Advisory Committee on the work that the Award has enabled him or her to complete. He or she may be invited to make a public presentation of the results at the Institute of Classical Studies.


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