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Roman Army School

January 21, 2008

The Hadrianic Society is organising a residential course (non-residential places also available) open to anyone interested in the Roman army. 

Roman Army School

St. Aidans College, Durham

Dates:   Saturday 29th March to Wednesday 2nd April 2008
Provisional Programme 2008

Saturday evening

8-15pm.     Matthew Symonds,   Future Research on Hadrian’s Wall.


9-15am.     David Breeze,   The Army in its landscape setting.

11-00am.    Nick Hodgson,   To be announced.

2-30pm.     Birgitta Hoffmann,   Water frontiers 1.

4-30pm.     David Woolliscroft,  Water frontiers 2.

8-15pm.     Adrian Goldsworthy,   Adrianople.


9-00am.     Adrian Goldsworthy,   Caesar’s Italian campaign.

11-00am.    Mark Corby,    Patrolling the Wall.

2-30pm to 8-15pm   FREE TIME.

8-15pm.     Mark Corby,   The Social War.


9-00am.     Lawrence Keppie,  The Guard under Augustus.  

11-00am.    Lawrence Keppie,  The Mutinies of AD14.

2-30pm.     Mike Macdona,  Vegetius and Ammianus.

4-30pm.     Rose Mary Sheldon,   Greek and Roman irregular warfare.

8-15pm.     wild Party.


9-00am.     Jorit Wintjes,   The Roman Navy.

11-00am     Mike Macdona,    Caligula and the sea-shells.

Disperse after lunch.

For further information contact Dr. Brian Dobson 16, Swinside Drive, Belmont, Durham, DH1 1AD



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