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The Silchester Insula IX Roman Town Life Project

January 13, 2008

ExcavationThe Silchester ‘Town Life’ Project consists of the total excavation of a large part of one of the insulae (blocks) of a major Roman administrative capital in southern Britain.

Fieldwork began in 1997 and continues annually over a six-week season.

The principal aim is to increase understanding of the changing nature of the occupation of Insula IX from its origins in the first century B.C. through to its demise in the fifth or sixth century A.D.

The 2008 season will focus on the late Iron Age/early Roman occupation of the insula.


The twelfth season of work on Insula IX at the Roman town of Silchester will take place between 23rd June and 3rd SurveyingAugust 2008.

Cost:  Places are available at the field school at a rate of £250 per 6-day week, with a suggested minimum stay of 2 weeks.

The £250 fee will include all food (including special dietary requirements) 6 days a week (buffet-style breakfast, on site packed lunch, and evening meal) and campsite facilities.

You must bring your own tent, but there will be access to running water and portaloos and trips will be made to a nearby sports centre to use the showers.

This field school is suitable for both beginners and for those with some experience. A staff of 20 trained professionals will supervise all aspects of the work and be on hand for instruction or discussion. 

Minimum age: 16


Book early as the Field School is usually full be April.

For more archaeological digging opportunities go to:

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