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Forensic Short Courses – Bournemouth University

January 12, 2008

Short Courses Summer 2008


“Undertake professional development to increase your skills base, employability and experience”

Entry Requirements: Applicants should be at least 19 years. Students with qualifications or experience in criminal investigation, forensics, archaeology, anthropology, human rights, biological sciences, and law and disaster response services will find these courses of benefit.

Mass Graves
The mission is to locate, excavate and investigate mass graves. Students gain both a theoretical overview and become involved in a practical simulation thereby gaining first hand experience in the investigation of mass graves that result from human rights violations. This course is taught by experts in their field with personal experience from places such as Iraq, Bosnia and Rwanda.

Forensic Photography
Participants are provided with a theoretical and practical course in introductory forensic photography, crime scene photography, road traffic collision and UV photography of injuries. This course uses our scene of crime house ‘Rose Cottage’

Air Crash Investigation
All aircraft disasters require investigation. Following a series of lectures in air crash recovery and crime scene techniques participants gain experience in a practical simulation. The course is taught and supervised by experienced disaster management consultants, response specialists and crime scene investigators in co-operation with the airport emergency services. This course will enhance knowledge, techniques and procedures associated with scene recovery.

Temporary Mortuary
Participants are first given a theoretical overview of the skills and techniques involved in setting up a temporary mortuary, before experiencing the process first hand via a simulated scenario. The mortuary process, workflow and its requirements in terms of professional skills, logistics and teamwork will be mastered, supervised and mentored by members of academic staff experienced in this field.

Geophysical & Topographical Survey
Participants receive training in the practical use of a range of geophysical and topographical survey techniques for both forensic and archaeological applications. Techniques covered will include ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic survey, magnetometry, earth resistivity, global positioning systems (GPS), motorised total stations and 3D laser scanning. In addition to the practical training in the use of instruments, theory and data handling sessions will provide participants with a broad knowledge of the subject.

 To register for more information:

email: fax: +44 (0)1202 965046 tel: +44 (0) 1202 965160

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