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CPD Conservation Courses – Ironbridge

January 9, 2008

 CPD Conservation Courses at the Ironbridge Institute

The Ironbridge Institute, an internationally recognised centre in the West Midlands, is offering workshops which can be attended individually as elements of CPD training.

Although the workshops can be used to build up and increase practical knowledge of skills, building materials and conservation, they are also being offered as an integral part of a MA in Historic Environment Conservation.

The course is very flexible, catering for the needs for those in employment, and can be taken as a full MA spanning two years or a Post Graduate Certificate in Historic Environment Conservation.

 11-12 Apr 2008
 Practical workshop
 The use of lime in historic buildings
25-26 Apr 2008
 Practical workshop
 The conservation and repair of stonedismantling shed
9-10 May 2008
 Practical workshop
 Ferrous and non-ferrous metals in conservation
23-24 May 2008
 Practical workshop
 Twentieth century materials
7-8  June 2008
 Practical workshop
 The conservation of structural and non structural timber  Conservation of a roof
20-21 June 2008
 Practical workshop
 Ceramic building materials
4-5 July  2008
 Practical workshop
 Recording historic buildings
5-6 September 2008
 Practical workshop
 Large object conservation

CPD application forms can be obtained from:Harriet Devlin: Tel. +44(0)1952 435969 ex201 or email

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