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Greek Mountain Fort at Monte Palazzi

January 5, 2008


 The 2008 archaeological investigations at Monte Palazzi are aimed at obtaining new data on the architectural history and the internal organization of a Greek fort built on a mountaintop (elevation: 1.215 m.) c. 20 km. inland from Gioiosa Jonica, in southeastern Calabria.

Test excavations at this site in 2005 and 2007 have uncovered a major perimeter wall and large quantities of fine wares, common wares, and storage vessels, which attest to the presence of Greek settlers between the late sixth and the early third centuries B.C.E.

Other significant finds include fragments of terracotta figurines, votive ceramics, bronze arrowheads, and coins. The outpost at Monte Palazzi may have controlled access to an overland route from the Ionian to the Tyrrhenian seas in the mountainous territory between the Greek cities of Kaulonia and Locri Epizephyrii. The investigations at Monte Palazzi and its environs will cast light on the identity of the Greek settlers and on the system of territorial defense of Kaulonia and Locri Epizephyrii before the Hannibalic War.


Session dates:

1st Session – May 26-June 1

2nd Session – June 2-June 8

3rd Session – June 9-June 15

4th Session – June 16-June 22

The weekly fee is $500 plus Euro 40 – 50 per day for accommodation

Apply by 1 March 2008


For more archaeological digging opportunities go to:

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