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Chinese Village Traditions

January 3, 2008

Thiscave dwelling interesting Earthwatch expedition will be based in a small mountain village called Miao Jia Getai, or the terrace of the Miaos.

The village consists of about 240 people in 45 households, and is located in Yulin area of the northern Shaanxi province of China.

The villagers currently live in traditional cave dwellings. The temples in surrounding villages and in the township are very active. Dr. Anrong Dang, Dr. Jin Feng, Jiang Lu, and Yanfeng Liu want to document this generations-old traditional lifestyle.

Taking Part

The local popular religion is essentially based on a worship of nature, and, despite the intense modernization that is takingentertainment place throughout China, is still very active and has great influence on the life of the people in that area.

Depending on which team you join, your research efforts will either focus on the religious activities, architecture, legends, or the environment and settings of temples. You will gather information on your research topic by documenting and participating in religious ceremonies and activities, visiting temples, and interviewing villagers, shamans, Taoist priests, and monks.

landscapeYou’ll photograph, sketch, and videotape what you observe, and may also do some measuring of building structures.

In this small village, you will be welcomed and immersed in the local culture, getting to know Chinese village life in a way few outsiders ever experience.

In your recreational time, field trips to neighbouring towns are planned.

Cost:  £1195 (Euro 1795)  does not include flights


Length of trip is 10 days


1 – 10 May (focus on local religious activities)

15 – 24 July (focus on religious architecture)

26 July – 4 August (focus on religious legends)

6 – 15 August (focus on local natural environment and settings of temples)

For more archaeological digging opportunities go to:

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