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Mosaic Atlas

December 27, 2007



A website dedicated  to lovers of mosaics both ancient and modern.  If you have a photograph of a mosaic that you would like to upload onto their site, these can include mosaics in parks, museums, churches, restaurants, malls, shops, government buildings, etc. They want to display mosaics which anyone can visit now and in the future.  The mosaics must be accessible to the public

They currently have 

  • 3213 photos of mosaics
  • 62 countries represented
  • 490 different locations
  • 216 contributors have made this site possible
  • 300 links to mosaic sites from around the globe

Do not send photos of mosaics which are in private collections, in temporary exhibitions, or for sale. Do not send photos taken by someone else which may have copyright restrictions.


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