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Roman and Thracian Fieldwork Project Bulgaria

December 21, 2007


Roman baths in “Momina Salza” city park
Thracian settlement at Krastevich village (V-IV c.BC)

 Hisarya Late Roman GateThe resort town of Hisar is situated in an area with extremely favourable physical-geographical and climatic conditions. These conditions together with the presence of a rich warm mineral deposit are the reason for life springing up from  ancient times.

 Human civilization left its lasting traces around the mineral springs during all historical times although most of the monumental architectural samples in the town of Hisar come from the Roman rule. The unique fortified walls, Roman baths, amphitheatre, civil and cult structures speak eloquently of the glory and magnificence existing around the mineral springs in Hisar in those distant times.

The region of Hisar has been generously endowed with diverse natural wonders. The favourable climate and warm mineral waters of this district have attracted man since antiquity. People settled here permanently as long as class communities have existed…
More about Hisar and its history…Hisar

PARTICIPATION – requires no previous experience

This program gives everybody the opportunity to participate in an archaeology fieldwork aiming to help and support the team of the local Archaeological Museum in Hisar, Bulgaria in its work on 3 different ancient archaeological sites (all in one session). 

Program sessions in 2008:1. June 7- June 20
2. June 21 – July 4
3. July 5- July 18
4. July 19 – August 1
5. August 2- August 15

The Fieldwork Program price per person is EUR 699.00 (GBP 502.99)


Marble Head of Emperor Diocletian

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