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Château de Fressin – Storming the Castle

December 13, 2007

CastleThe Château de Fressin lies in the heart of the Artois region of France, not far from the port of Calais and a longbow’s throw away from the village of Azincourt.

This 15th century fortress was built by John de Créquy, but now lies as an enchanting and hidden ruin. Now in the management of the Commune de Fressin, the Association du Château de Fressin has revived the castle and complemented it with a medicinal plant garden.

The association runs a regular programme of interpretive and entertainment events relating to the castle and an outreach education programme.

You will  be working on a variety of jobs, all designed to make the castle, it’s history and the wider site more accessible to visitors. The work will include a variety of construction and maintenance projects and focus on footpaths, wooden steps, fences and guardrails, benches and the repair of a centrepiece wooden stage – used to present re-enactments, theatre and arts events.
Dates:  12 -19 July and 19 – 26 July 2008

Price: for 1 week £210

Book on both for the special price of only £290.


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