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Restore a 13th century Ancestral Puebloan archaeological site

December 6, 2007

Cajun Unit

Hovenweep National Monument is located in the extreme southeast corner of Utah, east of Blanding. You will work to restore the Cajon Unit, an Ancestral Puebloan canyonhead community — one of six detached units protected by Hovenweep National Monument. Hovenweep is considered to have some of the best examples of Mesa Verde-style masonry architecture. Building detail

While the work is not strenuous, you  may take a half-day off in the middle of the week to hike or tour the area on a rotating basis if participants feel the need for a rest.

A variety of evening programs will be available including conservation discussions, archaeological preservation presentations, a survival kit lecture, and hands-on demonstrations of flint knapping and knot tying.Castle

The restoration of the Cajon Unit is necessary as the mortar joints between the masonry stone have been slowly deteriorating over the years to the point where new mortar must be mixed and applied soon to preserve the ruin. This will entail mixing carefully selected soil mortar to replace the deteriorated mortar in the joints of the structure in a manner consistent with the construction standards used by the original occupants.

Dates: 19 – 16 April 2008

Cost:  $495


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