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Excavation on Medieval Monastic Ruins – Iceland

December 6, 2007

Excavating a skeletonThe archaeological project Monastic Activities at Skriðuklaustur was begun in January 2002. Its aim is to investigate the Augustinian monastery that was operated on the farmstead Skriða in Fljótsdalur Valley, East Iceland, during the period from 1493 to the Reformation in 1550.

Despite its short tenure, the monastery acquired a large amount of land, and its library was comparable to that of other Icelandic cloisters. It is known that both a hospice and a children’s school was operated there.

The ruins of the monastery reaches over approximately 1200 m2 large area, including a church, cemetery, monastic houses and a garden. The skeletal material from the Excavation sitecemetery indicates strongly that the Augustinians at the Skriðuklaustur monastery it ran a hospice for sick and elderly people.

Botanic evidences as well as surgical equipments designate both medical as well as surgical knowledge was to be found in the monastery during its running.

Animal skullDates: 23 June – 18 August 2008

Open to students and recent graduates

Most costs covered, see website for full details

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