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Restoring a 16th century vineyard cottage -Slovenia

December 3, 2007

Restoring the Heart of a Vineyard

16th century Mliners Cottage

Smartino ob Paki – Slovenia

CottageTravel through the hilly vineyards of Slovenia; tour the largest wine cellar in Central Europe. Then join HCN and our preservation partners in the Šmarško-Virštanj wine district to restore possibly the oldest “vineyard cottage” in Slovenia.

The Mlinars cottage was built in two sections – the older section, built of stone in 1540, is vaulted with small dormer openings and served as an above-ground wine cellar; the facade is decorated with sgraffito ornamentation. It is believed that this cottage was used PRessby nearby noblemen to collect tithes from their workers. The newer section, built of wood in 1840, has a wine press designed for grapes and apples, and living quarters with a large oven finished with glazed tiles believed to be from the Renaissance period. The building, which is in poor condition, awaits stabilization and repair. The municipality of Šmartno ob Paki recently purchased the Mlinars cottage to create a museum that will preserve the art of wine making – the heart and soul of this region.

interiorThe Mlinars cottage is HCN’s second workshop in Slovenia in partnership with Etno-Eko, a local non-profit striving to save the country’s rural heritage, and Franci Pecnik, a building conservation specialist. The first project dealt with discovery and restoration of the 17th century paint scheme in Oplotnica’s Manor House chapel. Participants in the 2006 workshop initiated the project, and their commitment and enthusiasm inspired the local community to see the work through to completion.



The workshop will be two weeks in length and participants may register for either one or two weeks. The cost is US$575 for one week and US$1100 for two weeks, which covers lodging, breakfast and lunch (dinners not included), insurance, workshop materials and instruction. Transportation to the workshop and flight to Slovenia is not included and is the responsibility of the participant.

Dates: 14 – 27 September 2008



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