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Recovery & Conservation – Armenia

December 1, 2007

ConservationWorkshop participants will assist with the preservation and repair of a historic masonry residence that suffered serious damage during the 1988 earthquake. The house has remained occupied since 1988 even though only three of the twelve rooms are habitable. Participants will work under the guidance of professional masons from Yerevan, Armenia, and a U.S. engineer specializing in masonry to improve living conditions for the residents. As such, participants will be contributing  to the ongoing effort to create housing in the city.

Since 1994, Armenia has slowly rallied but has still not fully recovered from the devastating earthquakes. ReconstructionOld Armenian House of the historic center of Gyumri – the planned site of HCN’s workshop – has, until recently, been unable to proceed because temporary housing for 10,000 families occupied the area’s avenues, parks & plazas.  By 2004, 6,500 of these families had found permanent housing, and the Kumayri central historic district is poised for repair, rebuilding and conservation.

The city center contains over 1000 intact historic structures, many featuring an Armenian Belle Epoque design. HCN is partnering with the non-profit Historic Armenian Houses and Jane Britt Greenwood, Assistant Dean and Professor, College of Architecture, Art, and Design, Mississippi State University, to demonstrate that in rebuilding the city center, preservation and re-use of historic buildings is a viable alternative to demolition, which results in the loss of Courtyardboth the built heritage and valuable building materials.


The cost for the 11-day workshop is US$1,050, which will cover lodging, breakfast and lunch, insurance and workshop materials.  This cost does not include your flight to Armenia or your visa.

The Heritage Conservation Network is based in America but participants are welcome worldwide

Dates:  2-12 September 2008


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