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The Open University launches new Archaeology Courses

November 30, 2007

                   LogoWorld Archaeology:

This course covers most of the past 12,000 years ending in Europe with the fall of the Roman Empire and continuing until the 18th century in the Pacific. Its geographical range extends to all inhabited regions of the globe and the focus of the course is the study of the development of human culture and societies.

The principal themes will be the beginnings of agriculture; the development of cities, states and empires; the development of the arts; technology; and adaptation to the environment. All the major world civilizations, such as Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Classical, Chinese, Aztecs are covered, along with others that did not develop to similar levels of complexity.

Archaeology:  The Science of Investigation

This course has been produced in partnership with the British Museum and York Archaeological Trust.

In this course, you’ll develop an appreciation of the processes involved in the discovery, investigation and interpretation of a wide variety of artefacts and archaeological sites, and apply a range of scientific techniques commonly used in the field and laboratory. You’ll then learn how this scientific information can provide archaeologists with new insights into how various aspects of societies and cultures may have evolved. This will be achieved by investigating a series of caLogose-studies.

World Archaeology  starts in September 2008 and Archaeology The Science of Investigation starts in May 2008 (variety of dates available)

For further information or to register, please visit or call the OU’s Student registration & Enquiry Service on 0845 300 60 90.

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