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WHS 4″ Trowel

November 28, 2007

WHS TrowelThe WHS 4″ Pointing Trowel is prized amongst archaeologists in the United Kingdom who find its strength useful in digging heavy deposits.

In 2005, the company introduced a new version of the WHS 4″ Pointing Trowel (officially known as the London handle type standard heel width pattern number 111, part number 11104L, 100mm (4 inch) one-piece solid roll forged pointing trowel).

The new, thinner and more brittle design was designed more for the construction industry but it was reported in a now sadly defunct field archaeology industry newsletter, The Digger, that it was encountering resistance from archaeologists who found it inferior to the predecessor model.

Complaints of breakages on site to the British Archaeological Jobs Resource brought about indications from the firm that it might re-introduce the original model, but with significant changes suggested by archaeologists.

In the summer of 2006, the new trowel was launched. After listening to archaeologist feedback and extensive field trials coordinated, the new trowel (which even says “archaeologists trowel” on the blade) has incorporated:

  • Thicker, stronger blade
  • Higher lift for extra knuckle clearance
  • Flattened tang to stop handle rotation

The WHS Trowel is still seen as the ultimate tool for archaeologists – long may a simple drop forged piece of steel and wood be the equipment, in skilled hands, that discovers our past.

If you want to purchase your own WHS Trowel go to: 

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