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The Marsh Arabs

November 28, 2007

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The Marsh Arabs – Wilfred Thesiger

The Glory of a Lost World and a Lost Peace5 Marsh Arabs

While soldiers from the UK occupy the southern territories of Iran, there could be no more salutary book to read than this. This is one of Thesiger’s most affectionate portraits of a people and their environment, almost on a par with his travels in the Empty Quarter.

Thesiger was writing just as the oil companies were beginning to exploit the natural resources of the region and the growing heresy of non-Muslims on Arab lands was already a cause for distress, anger and humiliation among the Marsh Arabs.

Marsh Arabs

Thesiger was accepted (just) because of his great ability to empathise with and live alongside fiercely proud and intensely religious Arab peoples.

Half a century out of date this is still the definite text for any student of human behaviour wishing to develop in-depth understanding of a culture and lifestyle that remains only as a fragmented cultural inheritance.

You can buy it from the travel section at Past Horizons Bookshop:

You can read a recent report on how the Marsh Arab lands are progressing

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