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Valcamonica Rock Art Fieldwork – Italy

November 27, 2007

Warrior tracingThe Footsteps of Man Archaeological Cooperative Society is based in Valcamonica, an alpine valley comprised between the province of Bergamo and Brescia in Northern Italy.  The rock art tradition of Valcamonica consists of about 300,000 engraved figures mainly located in open air and on flat rocks. The art is distributed across five periods from Palaeolithic to the arrival of the Romans in the valley.

As an active rock art centre, member of IFRAO (International Federation of Rock Art Organizations), the Footsteps of Man organizes its annual archaeology fieldwork at Paspardo, one of the major area with engravings concentration, giving the opportunity to those interested (archaeologists and scholars, students, and enthusiasts) to help the research and the study of the rock art of Valcamonica.Tracing iron age figures


The project participants will  survey, excavate, clean, photograph, draw and catalogue the rocks engraved in three main sites.

Taranis, an Iron Age GodThe project consists of different phases, some are on site, some in the laboratory

Participants usually come from different countries of the world, official languages are English and Italian. At the end of the fieldwork it is possible to obtain a certificate of attendance.

Cost:  Euro 370 per week

Dates:  14 July – 4 August 2008


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