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Atskuri Excavations – Georgia

November 21, 2007

The Atskuri archaeological site is located in the Gorge of the river Mtkvari.  The ancient settlement of Atskuri was mentioned many times in different historical sources (Georgian, Byzantine, Turkish, French, Russian) as a capital of Meskheti. It was the economic, administrative, religious, and cultural center of the region. In the middle of the first century AD the Apostle Andrew was sent to Atskuri by the Virgin Mary.  Having performed a number of miracles, and Fortresshaving persuaded the population of Meskheti of the great power of Christianity the whole population was baptized as early as the first century AD.

In 1988 the archaeological excavations of Atskuri were launched.

The finds in the village area have included graves of the second millennium B.C., architectural remains of first millennium B.C. (rectangular and circular buildings), sanctuaries, streets of third – second centuries B.C., hundreds of beads (including Phoenician), bronze weapons, bracelets, rings, pins, silver and gold rings and disks, and huge amounts of  pottery – local (Meskhetian), Colchian, Greek (from continental Greece and cities in Asia Minor), Achaemenid Iranian.Fortress

 In the territory of village there two architectural remains of 1st-18th centuries: the Atskuri castle and Cathedral.

Cost of participation includes: accommodation in this beautiful  gorge,  food, including special Georgian meals and visits to other ancient sites.

Dates are 7 – 31 August 2008
Cost: $400 per week (no experience necessary)
Contact:  Prof. Vakhtang Licheli of  Tbilisi State University vakhlich@hotmail. com

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